Pet Health & Nutrition

Why strain selection matters when choosing probiotics for your pet food formulations

October 17, 2023

This webinar is for pet food professionals to improve their understanding of why probiotic strains are important to take into consideration when formulating for their pet food products. Join Dr. Steve Lerner, Senior Scientific and Business Advisor at Chr. Hansen, as he explains the scientific modes of action behind each strain. 

Sometimes with probiotics, the assumption is made that all probiotics are similar in their capabilities and thus are commodity products requiring little conscious selection. This is a long way from reality. Probiotic organisms and combination products come in many different shapes and sizes, or more appropriately species and strains. The reasoning behind the concept “strain matters” is simple. When describing and comparing the capabilities and characteristics of probiotic organisms, knowing their genus is simply not enough. To sufficiently elucidate the magnitude of variation in those functional features, one must look beyond genus and species to the strain of the individual, where remarkably small variations in genetics can drive profoundly meaningful changes in functions.