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Interconnected perspectives: human and animal microbiomes and their role in feeding the gut

June 27, 2024

Join us on World Microbiome Day for an enlightening discussion where experts from various realms of microbiome research converge to shed light on the latest breakthroughs, challenges, and opportunities in the microbial world. 

Our panelists, each representing a unique facet of the microbiome landscape including humans, production animals, and pets, will delve into the interconnectedness of microbial communities and their role in feeding the gut across species boundaries. 

From scientists to formulators, medical professionals to nutritionists, veterinarians to farmers, and supplement and food companies, this session offers valuable insights applicable across diverse industries and disciplines. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of microbiome dynamics from a cross-species perspective. 

The best part - you can ask your questions during the live session!