Ruminant Health & Nutrition

New BOVAMINE DEFEND® Plus, an innovative feedlot product developed to support your cattle's performance and health from start to finish

April 13, 2023 ahn, webinars
Welcome to the Plus Side with BOVAMINE DEFEND Plus, the proven probiotic made better. This webinar will introduce you to BOVAMINE DEFEND Plus, the newest product in Chr. Hansen’s feedlot product portfolio. Please plan to join us for this exciting product launch. We will split this webinar up into three segments designed to help you and your customers learn about how this product was developed and the research we conducted to ensure you can implement this product knowing it will beef up your cattle and your bottom line! AGENDA: 1. The creation of BOVAMINE DEFEND Plus from concept to feed bunk Speaker: Dr. Steve Lerner 2. Innovation Trials Speaker: Dr. Giuseppe Copani 3. Our In Vivo Trial Portfolio Speaker: Dr. Octavio Guimaraes Dr. Jen Schutz, Head of Technical Service, will moderate the QA session. SPEAKERS: