Webinar: Feed Efficiency

February 04, 2024 silage, webinars
This All About Feed webinar will focus on Feed Efficiency. The money spent on animal feed takes up the majority of the production costs on a farm. Therefore, it is important to get the most out of every kilogram of feed that is consumed by the animals, known as feed efficiency. This is not new, but even more relevant than ever, as constantly changing dynamics in agriculture keeps on challenging the animal protein supply. With tailor made feeding strategies, it is possible to enter the next stage of feed efficiency. In this webinar the latest genetic and nutritional strategies will be highlighted to work towards an improved feed efficiency.


1. Genetic strategies to improve feed efficiency in dairy cattle

Speaker: Dr. Birgit Gredler-Grandl, Researcher Wageningen Livestock Research

 The presentation will highlight strategies to improve feed efficiency on a genetic level. We will cover trait definitions, phenotyping strategies as well as genetic analyses for feed efficiency.

2. Unleash the Power of Feed: maximise swine production through feed efficiency

 Speaker: Graziano Mantovani, Strategic Marketing and Technology Lead Swine Western Europe at Cargill Animal Nutrition

From precision nutrition to unlocking the full potential of additives, we’ll explore both practical approaches and innovative solutions, helping you to do more with less by providing the right feed at the right time to enhance grower-finisher feed efficiency and maximise farmer profitability.

3. Feed efficiency – where  it all begins …

Speaker: Kristian Witt, Senior Global Portfolio Manager, Silage Inoculants

This presentation will focus on the cascading effects that forage/silage quality has from field to feeding.