Swine Health & Nutrition

Supporting gut integrity with effective probiotics

November 07, 2023 ap, swine, webinars
At times it is difficult to separate probiotics from feed additives that support similar modes of
action. As living organisms, Bacillus-based probiotics are unique in their capabilities to perform
many varied modes of action in a responsive manner to their environment, substrates, and other
microbial encounters. While Bacilli utilize these modes of action to compete and forage from
their surroundings, the host organism can benefit in multiple ways from these activities.
Stimulation, supporting, and strengthening gut integrity are mechanisms by which the host is

Watch the webinar and learn:
• How Bacillus-based probiotics stimulate the gut
• How Bacillus-based probiotics support normal gut functions
• How Bacillus-based probiotics help strengthen the gut
• What all of this means to the host animal

Dr. Keith Kinsley, Technical Service Manager - Swine at Chr. Hansen