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Farm to Family: The Role of Biosolutions in Enhancing Agricultural and Consumer Value Chains

June 03, 2024

Join us for an exciting live webinar panel as we kick off the celebration of World Milk Day and Dairy Month of June in the US.  

By engaging four experts from diverse fields within the biosolutions ecosystem, the discussion will foster a comprehensive understanding of how these technologies contribute to more sustainable, efficient, and healthy agricultural practices, less waste, cleaner water and more sustainable consumer products. 

Let's explore the critical role of biosolutions across the entire agricultural and consumer goods value chain, from farm to family, using the dairy chain as an example. This panel aims to highlight innovative applications and discuss the sustainability, efficacy, and natural benefits of biosolutions in enhancing plant health, transforming dairy production, and extending to industrial applications, including food processing, bioenergy and even household care. 

The panel will also address challenges and opportunities in adopting biosolutions, aiming to inform and inspire stakeholders—including farmers, industry professionals, and sustainability advocates—on the practical benefits and transformative potential of biosolutions in their respective sectors.

This webinar best suits dairy farmers, veterinarians, nutritionists, agronomists, Dairy Industry professionals and those interested in sustainability, biosolutions and planetary health.

The webinar is in English and is intended for a professional audience globally.